Laminating & Coating Coating Burkle UV Coater

Burkle UV Coater

Bürkle UV-Liquid Coating Line 1300/1600 and 2100mm coating width
Now available with Auto Loader option

Coat with Laminate, Ink Adhesion Promoter, White or any Pantone Flood Coat

A highly automated an productive process for the coating of rigid boards, flexible sheets and roll materials. Much faster and significantly cheaper to coat than with a film laminator.

Liquid coating of flexible and rigid materials with a thickness between 0,1 and 80 mm. For the finishing of digitally printed products made from numerous materials such as PVC, Banners, compressed PVC, composite panels, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foils, wood based panels etc.

Perfect for gloss and matt coatings with application amounts between 5 and 30 microns at a speed of between 5 and 25 metres per minute. The thinnest coating will use a little under 10mg of liquid per M2 so it's easy to work out how much coating costs by taking the cost of 1kg of your coating and dividing by 100

         Burkle Product Video                 Flood Coating with the Bürkle

             Optional Auto Loader / Stacker

Also available is the Wandres panel cleaning system in 1300, 1600 & 2100mm widths

  The Combi Sword Brush system is ideal to clean furniture panels, plastic and flat glass sheets from above and from
  below. These surfaces need to be cleaned before lacquering, converting and stacking.

  The sword brushes wipe transversally across the material surfaces. The micro-moistened brush filaments remove even
  the most minute particles from the subject surface. The integrated pressure buffer provides for a constant wiping
  pressure and a premium cleaning result.
UV drying
  • UV-Lamp and reflector can be taken out from top
  • Automatically swinging reflector during transportation stop
  • Glare shield on outcoming side
  • Power setting 50%, 66%, 100% or stepless

Lacquer and cleaning circuit
  • Pneumatic, gentle action double membrane pump with pressure reducer, especially suitable for high viscose solvent-free lacquer systems
  • Large capacity collecting tray on side, made from stainless steel for low contamination of the material flow
Mobile Design
The entire coating section is mounted on tracks and is easily pulled out for cleaning.

Three Versions Available

1: The standard version for coating rigid media
2: The Standard rigid media version with a Flex option for coating
    flexible sheets
3: The Standard version plus flex and roll -roll with motorised unwind
    and take up units. This can be added later in situ.

Siemens Touch Screen
This touch screen allows the user to program the coaters parameters, for speed and lamp power.

          Pantone Flood Coatings

White is available from stock, any Pantone can be reproduced by Bürkle to special order. Flourescents coming soon