Finishing Elitron
Elitron Kombo SD
The most advanced, intelligent and productive cutter/router we've ever seen, it can even make profitable use of offcuts. Superb quality computer controlled cutter, you will not believe what this can do. Available in 1600 x 1200mm to 3100 x 2000mm to cut up to 120mm thickness. Automatically recognise images, load print files, select tools and cut all automatically.
Elitron Kombo TAV
Automatic loading and unloading, twin gantries and twin heads make for super fast cutting, a superbly constructed next generation cutter for the professional who demands the best. A host of patented features makes the TAV the most productive cutter we've ever seen.
Elitron Kombo TAV-R
Ultimate automation and productivity with motorised pallet transport for an end to end finishing solution for FSDU, cardboard engineering, forex etc
Elitron Kombo SDC+ 3.2
Kombo SDC+ 3.2 is part of a new platform designed by Elitron to integrate and automate the workflow with the increasingly popular super wide format digital printers. Extremely flexible and with a conveyorised cutting table, Kombo SDC+ 3.2 has a 3200 x 2100 mm working area.
Elitron Kombo SDC
The 3.1m x 2m conveyor bed version of the Elitron Kombo SD. The vacuum conveyor grips the media, initiates the cutting and moves the media along to the rewind. This same conveyor can also be used to cut rigid media longer than the bed by cutting in a series of steps each the length of the cutting bed, seamlessly.
Elitron Kombo EL
The Elitron Kombo EL is 1.7m x 1.3m compact budget priced digital cutter for cutting and finishing digital printing, signage and display. A superbly simple machine to use and with a host of automated features available it will quickly pay it's way in your busy finishing department.
Elitron Kombo T
Elitron Kombo T is the solution for cutting the most difficult materials, including stainless steel, graphite, gaskets, asbestos-free, copper, bakelite, PVC, polyethylene foam, compact or foamed rubber, composite, MDF, fiberglass.
Elitron Kombo TH
Twin independent gantries for incredible cutting performance and productivity. Simple to use, as automated as you want it and built to a quality that we thought long gone
Elitron Heleva Auto loader
A hugely productive addition to your workflow. Loads single or multiple sheets, perfectly and accurately into your flat bed printer. Even different medias can be loaded using the printers job queue to operate the Heleva
Elipack Packaging Design Software
This software package holds an extensive library of FSDU, display and box designs (including FEFCO & ECMA templates) and allows the import and export of proprietary designs in generic design software formats. Designs can be shown in 2D and 3D formats which also show the stage-by-stage construction and a pdf video of their to help your customers assemble the product properly
The TAV-R wins the coveted European Packaging Association ward for "Most Inspiring Newcomer"