Finishing Banner Welding & Sewing Matic Ares Semi-Automatic Impulse Welder

Matic Ares Semi-Automatic Impulse Welder

ARES is one the most versatile machine in the market to weld all kind of textiles by electrical impulse technology.

This technology is ideal for working with textiles such as PVC, screens, acrylics, polyesters and other fabrics. Designed to weld overlaps, hem pockets, reinforcements, zippers, PVC profiles, the Ares welding machine is easy to use.

It offers a program to store and modify parameters according to each type of fabric in order to achieve optimum welding results. The Ares is the perfect combination of technology, design, robustness and price.· Semi-automatic impulse welding machine for overlaps, hems, seams, simple weld, reinforcements, zipper, PVC profiles, etc.

· Stoppers and guides to position the fabric according to the desired operation
· Pneumatic stops device to automate and simplifly the operation of overlap (*)
· Pocket size: guide according to customer’s needs (*)
· Depending on the model welds up to 5 meters – 16,40 feet – in a single stroke
· Side opening to easily move the fabric and keep welding with multiple strokes
· Welds PVC, screen fabrics, clear PVC, black-out, etc.
· Welds acrylics, polyester, coated fabrics and other textiles by adding the FixMatic thermal-welding tape
· Available models: 3 / 4 / 5 meters – 9,84 / 13,12 / 16,40 feet
· Ideal for producing roller blinds, awnings, PVC and/or textile banners, etc.
· Versatile & functional machine – easy to use – low skilled operator
· Customized guides for welding zippers, plastic profiles, etc. (*)
· Power Regulator: ideal to weld sensitive fabrics
· Heating and cooling time control
· Turbo device: decreases the welding time & saves energy (*)
· Seamless technology: invisible welding – patented by Matic (*)
· PLC with digital display: intuitive and easy to use
· Save up to 99 programs
· Welding widths: 6, 10, 19 & 24 mm – 1/4'', 3/8'', 3/4'' & 1''
· Interchangeable electrodes (*)
· Automatic fabric roller device (*)
· Trays on front and back sides adapted to work with large or heavy fabrics
· Complies with all the CE safety rules for operator protection
· Minimal maintenance

* Optional
** Precise measures are calculated with metric system – Imperial value is only to be used as a reference

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