Printers Liyu Texuma Pro

Texuma Pro

Textile Printer with in line callender for an all in one solution or print to transfer paper.

Print width 320 cm, print speed up to 210 m2/hr, 2880 dpi resolution and 14 PL droplet volume



Technical Specifications

Printing heads                 Konica Minolta 1024
Drop Volume                   14pl
Inkset                           CMYK x2 or CMYK plus others
Ink Types                      Dye-Sub, reactive, pigment
Drying                           Halogen heater and fans
Fixing unit width              3.2m
Print width                     3.2m
Print resolution               Up to 2880dpi
Print Speed                    Up to 210m
2 /hr

Print Speed                               TexumaPro
Draft                                           210 m2/hr
Production                                100 m2/hr
Quality                                         50 m2/hr