Laminating & Coating Bobis Bobis Multi Applicators

Bobis Multi Applicators


Built in The Netherlands by graphics professionals for graphics professionals

Now with 5yr Waranty!
1.1, 1.4, 1.6, 2.0 & 2.2m working widths and any length you need!

Such is the modularity of and the service from Bobis that we have agreed this with the factory, if you want a 7m table, you can have one, or 2m or 12 m, whatever you want, we'll have it built. Two bridges? Not a problem!


Fast but not Furious
Users will see huge benefits from using a Bobis Multi Applicator. By using the Bobis Multi Applicator, you will apply a bubble free job in a fraction of the time it would normally take to do the same job manually –without any air bubbles or the usual errors that can sometimes happen. Hours become minutes in your production department, the Bobis is that fast.

Constructed to Last
Twin matched rams ensure perfect pressure across the table.
The steel roller has a thick 12.5mm coating of non stick silicone rubber to provide even and reliable pressure for problem free applications.

Made from aerospace grade aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy EN AW 6060 specification

                                 Sheer Build Quality

Rigid Structure
The large flat bed comprised of a composite acrylic provides an ergonomic work station that is easy on your staff knees and back – no more climbing and bending when applying to large signs thereby helping create a safer and healthier working environment for your team.

LED Underlighting

LED Underlighting makes the Bobis into an extremely flexible workhorse. The LED lighting is perfect for back mounting onto clear acrylic or similar jobs where extreme accuracy is needed.


Delivery to an accessible placement.
Operator Training
60 months on site parts and labour warranty
Full size cutting mat
Full length side trays
Connection to existing air supply min 6 bar

Silent Air Compressor built into the frame