Finishing Powered Eyelet Machines Atech 29 FEi Fully Automatic Eyeleter

Atech 29 FEi Fully Automatic Eyeleter

The latest eyelet machine from Atech. Fast and easy to use it punches the hole and inserts the eyelet and washer in a single operation. Media includes, PVC, Textiles, Carton board etc
Feeds both eyelet and washer, cuts the material and sets in one action


Can set eyelets/grommets from 8 to 16 mm internal hole. it can set 38 eyelets/washers per minute.
All the moveable parts are protected to avoid injuries. Particularly suitable for applications subject to stress forces as secure fixing is ensured by use of washer.

Fully pneumatic machine so electricity is not needed. 
Easy and fast change of eyelet raceways.

Available in semi automatic form as the 29F

Throat Depth                              115mm
Eyelet Size                                 8-16mm
Head Size                                   45 x 45 x 70mm
Size with Bench                           80 x 65 x 158cm
Weight with Bench                       88kg
Working Air Pressure                     6kg
Consumption per Cycle                  1.1L