Fabric Technical Fabrics
Matic Ares Plus Automatic Impulse Welder
Automatic impulse-welding machine with folding system for finishing banners, welding zips, profile tape, reinforcement tape, roller shades, sun blinds, awnings, mosquito nets and many more products.
Matic Ares Semi Automatic Impulse Welder
The Matic Ares is a semi-automatic impulse-welding machine for welding or joining banners, roller shades, sun blinds, awnings, mosquito nets and many other
Matic Flat Hem Welder
The ARES FLAT HEM automatic welding machine uses electric impulse welding technology. It is ideal for welding a multitude of fabrics: PVC, screens, acrylics, polyesters and others. Completely automatic and easy to use, the ARES FLAT HEM allows automated creation of flat hems up to 80mm, hems with pocket and bottom rails.
Matic Edge Welder
A highly productive machine for the sealing of end of welded hems. Makes a perfect job and contributes to the quality of your production which will be appreciated by your customers.
Matic M1 Cutting Table
The Matic M1 is the most precise and fast cutting machine on the market. The M1 offers perfectly square cuts as well as increased production capacity. It is the perfect machine for cutting PVC and technical fabrics such as polyester screens, black-out material, Zebra screen fabric, canvas,etc.
Matic M1 Plus Cutting Workstation
The automation and working speed of the M1 Plus machine offers perfectly squared cuts as well as increased production capacity. Its design, construction and ease of use make the M1 Plus one of the best-selling machines on the market. It is the perfect machine for cutting technical fabrics such as polyester screens, black-out materials, Zebra screen fabric, PVC, canvas, etc.
Matic M1 Ultimate
An advanced fabric cutting system that can draw out, cut on four sides with ultrasonic to cut and seal and rotary knife for simpler cuts without operator involvement, no turning, no measuring. So simple and so fast. even with an unskilled operator.
Matic Flexicut & Plus
An 3 tools in one machine cutter accurate and high speed linear cutting system for perfectly straight edges in a huge range of materials, coated PVC, scrim. textiles, banners with choice of three cutting processes, Ultrasonic, Crush and rotating knife over 3.2 and 5m maximum cutting widths, custom sizes available by request.
Matic Helios Plus Laser Cutter
The new Matic Helios Plus high speed laser cutter in 3.3 or 5m widths for fabrics, sun protection, blinds and more. Easy to use, scanner and high speed conveyor eliminates surface waves with 100% precision.
Matic Orion Moving Tray Sewing Station
Automatic sewing unit with moveable table for joining, hemming, inserting PVC Cores, skilled operators are not required. For banners, Blinds, tents, canopies, awnings,
Matic Hercules Moving Head Sewing Station
A heavy duty Sewing unit for joining, hemming and insertion of hem cord in textiles, acrylics, canvas and coated PVC. Up to 20m length available. Perfect for marquees, tents, canopies, tensile fabrics.
Matic Everest Curtain Mark & Cut
Vertical machine to check, measure, mark and cut the curtains to height.