Racks & Lifters Roll Lifting & Handling
Crest Heavy Duty Roll Loader
Lift and move heavy rolls easily and safely with the Crest Heavy Roll Loader. Helps protect your staff from injury caused by lifting rolls of media onto and off your printers. Manual or electric powere
Winding Unit
The CREST printer/cutter Wind Up - Unwind Unit has been designed for Wind-up, Un-wind or Re-wind of roll media. Special attention has been given to the health and safety aspects. The unit features auto-tensioning and wind up speed for perfectly wound rolls
Quick Lifter
Use the Quick Lifter to avoid back injuries and to load alone media rolls directly from the ground to the printer with no effort. Handling media rolls is an issue at any print shop. With the Quick Lifter you will be able to feed printers up to 3.2 meters easily because of it's battery power source.