Printers Liyu Proxima Deco LED

Proxima Deco LED

Deco-UV Printer with economical LED curing, print width of 180 cm, print speed up to 150 m2/h,1440 dpi resolution and 6 PL droplet volume for very high quality output.

Technical Specifications

Printing Heads                 KM 512i
Printhead Quantity           4 - 8
Drop Volume                    6 Pl.
Colour Scale                    CMYK
Drying System                 UV - LED Curing

Print Width                     1800 mm
Print Resolution               1440 dpi
Printing Speed                 Up to 150 m2/h

Print Speed       Proxima Deco      Proxima Deco
                              LED Classic              LED-Pro                          

  (512ix4)               (512ix8)
Draft Mode           75 m2/h              150 m2/h
Production            57 m2/h              115 m2/h
Quality                37 m2/h                75 m2/h

Fine Art               18 m2/h                37 m2/h