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Stratus Glass Laminating

The Stratus is capable of applying a wide range of films and foils on flat sheet glass.
A robust and stable design in combination with easy and flexible operation guarantees a disturbance free, long working life and excellent control of both the quality and quantity of the laminated flat sheet glass.

This new glass laminating equipment of Crest has been designed to be seamlessly integrated into any flat sheet glass production process. The modular design in combination with the engineering capabilities of Crest allows for tailor-made solutions to specific customer requirements.

Stratus specifications:

• Working width: 1200, 1400, 1600 or 2000mm
• Laminating rollers with special rubber compound: 2 or 4 rollers
• Heatable rollers: 1 or 2 rollers (max. 135°C)
• Winding postions: max. 3 top- and 3 bottom positions
• Laminating speed: 8 m/min
• Other options on request