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Crest Roll Sheet Cutter C1

Roll Sheet Cutter 1600/3200 C1
The Crest RSC Cutter is designed to cut (slitting and crosswise) all kinds of materials, such as Paper, Foil, Polyester fabrics, PVC, Carpet, Foam, etc, from roll to sheets for the Sign and Converting industries. This is an industrial standard machine capable of holding 75kg rolls and is constructed accordingly.

The machine has a Colour Touch-Screen operating panel, and is PLC controlled.

There is one slitting system on the machine. The slitting system has freely manually adjustable knife holders. The number of knife holders is up to the customer  but as standard four cold knife-holders are provided.

Replacement knives are available and we suggest buying 2 sets so that when one set is in use the second set can be sent for sharpening and so on. Knives can be replaced very easily using just a pair of pliers.

The machine is available in two working widths, 1600mm and 3200mm wide to match the most common printer sizes.

For Crosswise cutting, there are basic three process options:
• Manual positioning and cutting,
• On programmed length,
• Recognizing printed cutting marks, and cut the waste between two printed images from a roll.

The following processes can be performed:
• Slitting and cross cutting into sheets.
• Crosswise cutting (without slitting) into sheets.
• Winding from roll to roll. (option)
• Slitting into strokes from roll to roll.(option)
• Slitting the both sides (waste) from roll to roll. (option)

Technical specification:
• Cutting width 1600 and 3200 mm
• Max. roll diameter 500 mm (max. 75 kg)
• Transport speed 15 mtr./min.
• Jog speed 1mtr./min.
• Crosswise cutting cycle time, 4 sec. for 3600mm
• Positioning accuracy ±1 mm
• Power supply 1N/PE 230Vac 50/60Hz 4 Amps.(110Vac on request)

• Light box for image inspection. (to easily scan material/printing errors)
• Heated cutting knive system air controlled (2x straight “V” airknife)with one common controller (0-100%).
• Extra heated cutting knife unit air controlled.
• Automatic web control on unwind, for not proper winded rolls.
• Extra windup unit for roll to roll.
• Cold cutting system air controlled (2x airknife round 76 mm)
• Extra cold cutting knife-units air controlled
• Other options on request.

CREST RSC 3200 CI Roll Sheet Cutter from Atech on Vimeo.