Fabric Technical Fabrics Matic Ares Plus Automatic Impulse Welder

Matic Ares Plus Automatic Impulse Welder


Automatic impulse welding machine with folding system for finishing banners, roller shades, sun blinds and many more products. Invisible weld facility.

This machine automatically folds the hem with a specially developed Matic folding system and the hem size is adjustable from 20mm-90mm.

It has pneumatically controlled guides for accurate line up of the fabric; this saves time and eliminates operator faults compared to the usual manual guides.

It can weld up to 6m welding in one stroke or larger with more strokes by sliding the fabric through the guides. It's easy to handle, you just have to put the fabric in place, select the program and push the start button.

Welds & Features:

  • Zips.
  • Reinforcement Tape
  • Keder
  • Top Profile
  • Joining 2 lays
  • Pockets
  • Computer stores welding profiles for later use.
  • Up to 6m Welds

Multi lay welding of fabrics possible and also possible to weld different fabrics together or even non–coated textiles. It has a changeable electrode system for more flexibility of different welding widths. Infra red safety emitters and reflectors shut down the Ares when the beam is interrupted.. Comes with accessories for welding reinforcement tape and magic tape.

Optional :-
  • Specially developed guides for welding keder or zips
  • Roll up device for fast rewinding of fabrics and banners.