Fabric Keder/ Edging
Clear Keder
Fantastic easy to sew PVC edging for displays, light boxes and general display purposes. 200m rolls for economy. Made in The NEtherlands by Roffelsen
White Keder
The flat PVC keder is stitched onto printed fabrics and ensures the
textile can be clamped into the aluminium profile and stretched into
the frame. The scope of application for textile frames is very wide,
such as: LED frames, Stand construction, Retail and interiors.
Self Adhesive Recyclable
The base of the Self-adhesive flat keder is the flat Premium SRK (Silicone Replacement Keder) This is a recyclable non-PVC, top end product, with the same elasticity as the silicone strip. This self-adhesive flat keder can easily be attached to the printed textile.