Textiles & Finishing Graphics & Blinds Matic Helios Laser Cutter

Matic Helios Laser Cutter

CNC controlled Laser-cutting solution with Laser projection for the most efficient way of cutting textile printing with no edge fraying.

Very simple to use and needing only one operator. Useable by anyone in the company to produce superb accurately cut results.


No problems of fabric shrinkage
Accurate and high quality cutting using laser marker to show cuts
The laser cuts and seals the edges to avoid fraying
No manual measurement needed. Input from software or via the control panel
Use printed fabrics even if you forget to print the registration marks, reducing waste.
Highest quality Laser (no burned edges) with longest life.
No limitations on textiles, flags, knitted textiles, satins, mesh etc
No movement of the fabric guarantees a 100% accurate cut
Error diagnostic system
Create cut processes and cutting order directly with your RIP-Software.
Barcode reading system to select the right order
Laser projection creates the exact frames, visible on your printing
Remote control to move the projection giving you the most flexible working.

Technical Features:

Laser: 70W (air cooled) most efficient in power requirement and cutting speed/result
Cutting area: 3200 x 8000mm
Max movement speed: 1m/s
Cutting speed and laser power adjustable
Vacuum exhaust pipe for smoke removal
Idle roll unwinding
Laser pointer
Pc operation (touch screen)
Safety detectors
Barcode Reader


Matic Laser from Atech on Vimeo.