Bobis Applicator

Atech Services for the Imaging Industry 
To provide a total solution, Atech offers its customers a 24 hour, 7 day week after sales service, together with service contracts to cover the whole range of digital printing equipment and finishing machines.

Other services offered by Atech include general maintenance, refurbishment and relocation. All spare parts and consumables, such as laminates, inks, paper and films are carried in stock for a same day or next day delivery 

Maintenance Contracts
Atech maintenance contracts are designed to ensure that you get the maximum life expected from your equipment. As part of the contract we physically check each section of your machine, looking for and correcting potential problems. 

Atechs' contracts cover its wide range of products and are structured to include visits at least twice a year to thoroughly inspect and service the equipment. 

The objective of these contracts is to spot problems and potential trouble areas before they become a critical issue. The inspections are intended to keep your equipment running at peak performance all times - we undstand only too well that regular servicing prevents costly down time. 

Atech engineers work with your staff during service visits, advising them of the steps necessary to keep your equipment in peak condition between our visits.

System Refurbishment
Atech can add features to installed machines as well as converting them to other processes. 

From time to time it may make sense to take a machine out of service for a short time and invest in it by rebuilding it. Atech can take these machines and build virtually new processors from old processors, providing a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. 

Equipment Relocation
We have the ability to move individual pieces of equipment or relocate whole labs. If you have purchased a used processor or laminator and would like it disassembled professionally, moved and installed properly, then Atech can provide a team to do this. 
Emergency Breakdown 
If you have an emergency, you become our top priority. We offer telephone support and if necessary, will despatch a technician to you as soon as possible.