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Somitrack Roll Lifters

A simple accessory for lifting and removing heavy rolls in /out of wide format printers.

Made in Sweden, the Roll Lifter range provides the muscle to manoeuvre heavy rolls without the risk of back injury which could lead to staff time off, lost production and medical costs.

Useful for every process where moving rolls of media is necessary. To and from goods in, to and from the printers, to and from finishing and to and from dispatch.


The simple construction consists of a foot pump to lift the heavy rolls and a valve to release the pressure, thus lowering the media onto the floor.

Our Roll Lifters are available in three models:

            Roll Lifter 120                                Roll lifter 80
      max-5m rolls up to 200kg             max- 3.2m rolls up to 200kg

                    Roll Lifter 70
          max-3.2m rolls up to 120kg