Printers Textile Products Roland TexArt CS-640 calender

Roland TexArt CS-640 calender


The Texart CS-64 calender is a professional heat transfer system that is fast, affordable and easy to use, making it a perfect finishing partner for the Texart RT-640 sublimation printer.

Using its precision roller feed system and infra-red heat source, the CS-64 transfers dye sublimation prints from paper onto polyester-based materials, delivering flawless results every time.

You can use the calender to fix the ink on direct to textile printed materials too. With average production speeds of 50 m²/hr and the option of an in-feed table, the CS-64 has the versatility to manage large rolls and small pre-cut fabrics. Making it the ideal finishing solution for a wide range of textile print applications including fashion, interior décor, sportswear, sign, display and promotional goods.

Engineered to keep running costs low and productivity high, the CS-64 uses a digitally regulated, infra-red quartz heating element that consumes far less power than the heated oil alternative and reaches optimum transfer temperatures much faster. That means less time waiting and more time working.

The heat resistant Nomex® feed belt is Kevlar-reinforced to provide a long service life. Mechanically adjusted, it delivers high transfer quality without requiring any operator intervention or compressed air supply. No oil heater, no air compressor; the CS-64 calender is a cleaner, greener heat transfer solution that will save your business time and money.

Built to meet the production demands of the busiest textile printing business and designed for ultimate ease of use, the Texart CS-64 will appeal to both seasoned professionals and companies new to the dye sublimation process.

The CS-64 is simple to use. Its intuitive control panel can be mastered in seconds. Built-in safety features protect the operator from heat and harm at all times. Material loading and unloading couldn’t be easier, or any faster. There is no need to reach for a tool box.

The CS-64 includes six self-locking mandrels for feeding and taking up media. Each quick change mandrel has a material centring system to help you load the calender with speed and accuracy. An ingenious tension bar separates the textile from the transfer paper after sublimation to prevent expensive ‘image ghosting’ errors on the fabric.

  • Belt driven dye sublimation heat transfer calender with infrared heating system
  • Digital temperature display
  • Heating time from room temperature to 200°C in under 30 minutes
  • Long life Infrared bulb heating system
  • 250mm diameter heating cylinder
  • Maximum temperature 220°C
  • Maximum working width 1680 mm
  • Speed:
    • Exposure time: 90s 17 m/h – 0.29m/per minute
    • Exposure time: 40s 65 m/h – 1.08m/per minute
  • Reverse operation
  • Safety protection cover in front of roller with safety switches
  • Reset button on control panel with two emergency stop buttons
  • Exhaust fume extraction – 2 x 50mm diameter extraction ports to vacuum vapour produced during sublimation (Texart Ink produces very low vapour so extraction may not be needed)
  • Number of self-locking mandrels included: 6 universal mandrels; 3 unwind; 3 rewind
  • Product Warranty – One year Silver RolandCare Product Warranty
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use