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Flexa Sublimax Fixing


Brighter more vibrant colours than with an all in one. An economical and fast fixation unit for dye sub print finishing. Gives excellent flexibility to transfer the printed image to many different types of fabrics. Because it is belt driven no stress is put on the media so a huge range of fabrics can be used.
What is it?

Sublimax is a Heat Press (oil heated) for dye-sublimation.

- it transfers images from sublimation paper in “roll to roll” mode
- it transfers images from sublimation paper in “single piece” mode
- it fixes sublimation inks already printed on fabric

The first two applications give a higher printing definition than printing directly on fabric. You can transfer any image already printed on sublimation paper.

Printing onto sublimation paper has the advantage of being able to print small numbers, even single items or images onto a roll or sheet of paper economically, without wasting metres of textile for each threading.

Direct printing is economical for a longer run lengths bearing in mnd the metres of fabric used for threading up the printer for which the roll-to-roll mode is perfect being designed for high production runs using material on rolls.

Single image prints allow more flexibility.
Sublimax also fixes images already printed on fabric through a process called “Reactivation”. This mode allows you to fix colours already printed on fabric. The printed pigments are fixed at high temperature giving a uniform result and vibrant colours.

Uniform heating
The most important feature of a sublimation heat-press is a uniformly heated roller during the entire process.
If the machine doesn’t meet this important requirement, colours will vary in shade and won’t be correctly reproduced due to variation in temperature.

To guarantee the highest performance, Sublimax is equipped with the latest hot oil technology. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing technology, you will obtain a perfectly stable temperature on the entire width of the roller assuring high-quality sublimation results.

The felt belt feeding the material helps to keep the working pressure steady and, when processing single pieces, it allows you to insert them precisely preventing them to move or crease.


Sublimax allows you to process rolls or single pieces of Woven Fabrics, Synthetic, Knitted Fabrics, and Nonwoven Fabrics as Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic and others.

Better and long-lasting quality of the colours. The printed fabric will show bright and resistant colours, it will be washable and suitable for outdoor use.

Technical features

  • Digital colour touch-screen display, storage up to 24 settings, very user friendly
  • Integrated Safety Systems
  • Six Roll Shafts
  • Automatic Pre-heating Timer (to set the required time)
  • Automatic cooling system
  • Felt belt to feed the material
  • You can manually remove the material should it get stuck accidentally

Technical description
Overall dimensions: 2900 x 1650 x 1400 mm (W x H x D
Weight: 1100 kg
Working Height: 1000 mm
Working width: 1700 mm
Max. Temperature: 220° C
Speed: up to 2 m/min
Power Consumption: 15 KW
Power Supply: 400 V – 3 Ph – 50/60 Kz / 3 P + N + PE
Compressed Air Supply required: 6 bar