Printers Liyu Proxima


Using transfer paper printer with a print width of 180 cm, print speed up to 150 m2/h, 1440 dpi resolution and 6 PL droplet volume for fast, reliable printing ready for transfer onto any receptive material.

Technical Specifications
Printing heads                 Konica Minolta 512i
Drop Volume                   6pl
Inkset                               CMYK
Ink Types                         Dye-Sub
Drying                              Halogen heater and fans
Print width                      1800mm
Print resolution              Up to 1440dpi
Speed                               Up to 150m
2 /hr

Print Speed           Proxima Classic      Proxima Pro
Draft                             75 m2/hr            150  m2/hr
Production                  57 m2/hr             115 m2/hr
Quality                        37 m2/hr                75 m2/hr
Fine Art                       18 m2/hr                37 m2/hr