Printers Liyu Inexu UV

Inexu UV

Make photographic quality prints on material as thin as 1 mm. with up 2880dpi in fine art mode, this flat bed and optional roll to roll UV printer is a true workhose producing high quality with simplicity of use.


Multiple ink choices CMYK, with white and varnish channels

With the optional Roll to Roll system, the INEXU Hybrid UV provides more productivity in less space.
Possible to print on foamx, card, corrugated, glass, PVC, honeycomb etc.

Technical Specifications 

Printing Heads               KM 512i / KM 1024 / KM 1024i
Printhead Quantity         4 - 12
Drop Volume                  9-14 Pl.
Colour Scale                 CMYK*2 / CMYK*3 / CMYK*2+W,V,LM,LC
Drying System               UV Curing
Flat-Bed Size                2500mm x 1250mm / 3000mm x 2000mm
Maximum Printing Height  100 mm
Print Resolution              2880 dpi

Printing Speed               Up to 160 m2

Print Speed            Inexu Basic         Inexu Classic               Inexu Pro
Draft                          48m2/hr               110m2/hr               160m2/hr
Production               24m2/hr                  48m2/hr                 80m2/hr
Quality                      12m2/hr                 24m2/hr                  44m2/hr
Fine Art                       6m2/hr                 12m2/hr                  25m2/hr