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Photostory Automatica


The Photostory Automatica is an automatic machine for binding panorama photo books and inserting protection paper between prints. You just have to place prints in the loading area and let our Automatica do the job for you!
Using the Easysheet pre-glued paper the Automatica builds up the block by placing the easysheets between the pictures. All you have to do is remove the photobook at the end of the working cycle, place it in the heating set, then in the pressure set to cool and trim before putting the whole block into the cover.

Automatica can crease and bind more than 300 panorama prints per hour. It binds digital books up to 12"x20"  print size 20"x40" inches for a double page spread across both pages.
Minimum size is 6x8 inches.
Max album thickness 8 cm.

Click here for a demonstration on our Vimeo Channel: