Leather Elitron K1 Booster ICE

Elitron K1 Booster ICE

Booster Ice is characterised by its versatility allowing you to vary the workload and maximise productivity. That's why it's Elitrons best selling leather cutting system


A powerful suction force acting only on the eareas used ensures that all materials, both light and heavy, adhere perfectly to the surface during any stage of processing.

The intelligent high resolution and high brightness video-projection system allows interactive placement of the template and ensures perfect visibility even on complex materials.


The Booster series of Die-Less Cutting Systems was designed specifically for the shoe and leather industry.

The cutting head includes

  • Reciprocating knife,
  • Pen for marking,
  • Perforating tool,
  • Two punches.

Cut parts are nested with an overhead projection system, allowing the operator to best utilize leather hides, while the tilted work table allows the operator a better view of the raw material. Automatic nesting for cut parts is already included with the machine’s control software.

The Elitron Booster has all of the tools you need for cutting leather and synthetics onboard.

  • Versatility – The standard machine is able to cut a wide range of materials up to ¾” (20 mm) in height.
  • Simple parts digitisation – If you are already using a CAD system, you can convert the .DXF files for use on the Elitron. If you do not have a CAD system, a full industry-ready CAD system is available. No dies are needed for prototype work or full production so you're not limited in terms of how many products you can produce.
  • Cut part accuracy - Dies can change their shape over time, causing problems in other parts of production. You are guaranteed accurate cut parts every time. The reciprocating knife is able to make very tight cuts that are either expensive or impossible to do with dies.
  • Projection – The projection system allows you to manually nest cut parts directly on your material. This is perfect for cutting natural materials like leather and scrap pieces.
Software Options
  • Elitron CAD 2D for Leather Goods – Used to digitize and edit cut parts. Includes functions for all aspects of leather goods designing.
  • Elitron CAD 2D for Footwear – Includes all of the functions of CAD for leather goods plus grading for footwear.