Laminating & Coating Neschen Laminators Neschen Hotlam 1650 Double H

Neschen Hotlam 1650 Double H

Designed for professional use including hot encapsulation applications. Also the Neschen HotLam 1650 DoubleH offers a built-in trimmer to cut overlapping excess media. This is typically used when the laminating film is wider than the substrate being laminated.
  • Maximum working speed of 8m/min - For increased productivity
  • Maximum nip 40mm
  • Maximum speed 8m per minute
  • Maximum material width 1750mm
  • Max roller temp 160oC
  • Two sets of main rollers eliminate the “cooling down” between hot and cold laminating jobs
  • Swing-out Shafts - For easy material loading
  • Built in trimmer- ideal to cut excess from encapsulations
  • Retractable Trough - For easy feeding of single prints up to 10m long
  • Ergonomic Control Panels on the front and rear - Simplifying single person operation
  • Maintenance and repair can mostly be carried out by the users themselves