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Crest Ultra Fast Transfer Lamination

This roll-feed hot/cold transfer laminator can be partnered with any digital toner printer. Using heat and pressure the laminator transfers the print's toner layer to self-adhesive marking films.

It is a faster version of the 70cm per min of the Thermal Transfer Laminator TTL .

The UTL will also apply overlaminates clears 'in line'.

For enhanced producitivity, Crest's integral cooling unit and cutting device enables the entire image transfer and lamination process to be achieved in one combined operation: trimming the transfer paper, winding up the trim, transferring the image to the marking film, pulling off and re-winding the blank transfer paper, applying the overlaminate film, slitting the edges and final winding up of the completed graphics.

UTL specifications:

• Working width: 1600mm
• Laminating rollers: 4 rollers
• Heatable rollers: 2 rollers (max. 135°C)
• Winding positions: max. 3 top- and 3 bottom positions
• Laminating speed: 3 m/min
• Other options on request