Laminating & Coating Coating Welte SW3300

Welte SW3300

The SW 3300 laminating system is built by Welte Gmbh and facilitates the even and consistent liquid laminate coating of particularly large printed products. The permanent protective laminate is used in the roll-to-roll process for various rolled materials, such as PVC adhesive films, banners and HGV tarpaulins:

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This process offers long-term protection against a wide range of mechanical and environmental abrasion. It's fast, space-efficient and offers dust little opportunity to affect the lamination results.

• Space-saving - you need around 12m² of space to laminate a 3.3 metre x 50m (165m²) digitally-printed HGV tarpaulin
• Dust has little opportunity to affect the results, the high performance drying unit dries the material immediately
• A Meyer bar mechanism guarantees even laminate application
• Save on time: A 50m roll is laminated perfectly in approx. 50 minutes and can be further processed immediately
• Welte AquaClear laminates in gloss and matt finishes, tried and tested over many years in the toughest applications, provides your digitally printed products with long-lasting protection against moisture, mechanical abrasion, UV radiation and chemicals
• Intelligent cleaning concept enables quick and easy cleaning of the machine after use

• "Easy to use" controller with touch screen, multilingual, material-related parameter settings can be saved
• Possible to coat media with widths of up to 3300 mm
• Completely homogeneous material transport, controlled by Boschert highperformance braking system
• Industrial safety chucks and pneumatic clamping axes for simple loading and unloading of the materials
• Stepless and programmable lowering of the Meyer bar
• Application mechanism simple to remove and quick and easy to clean with the optional cleaning and storage pan
• Speed and circumference-controlled winding system ensures consistent lamination quality
• The partitioned service doors enable straightforward laminate and cleaner loading
• Simple handling
• Automatic high performance drying system, stepless control
• Controllable heating segments for power saving when processing narrower materials
• Roll processing
• Ex works: Application system with 32 mic. Meyer bar, others available on request
• CE-certified

• Maximum processing width 3300 mm
• The steplessly controlled processing speed is up to 3 metres per minute. Note: The speed is dependent on the processed material and the Meyer bar used.
• 1 year guarantee (on individual parts)
• Power supply 3N/PE 208-240V 50/60Hz 32A per phase
• Compressed air supply 8 bar. Note: A compressor is not included
• Accessories: Micrometer, infra-red temperature pistol, viscosity measuring tank, DIN cross
hatch tester, test inks for measuring the surface tension, special cleaner AquaClear 98-010C

Optimum protection of digital printing is achieved through the use of the 32 mic Meyer bar.
Further Meyer bars are available for applications with reduced protection requirements.