Finishing Vertical Cutters Crest Contrail 320 Heavy Duty Board Cutter

Crest Contrail 320 Heavy Duty Board Cutter

Fast, clean and tough Crest’s proven board cutter concept.

Crest’s revolutionary heavy board cutters add a completely new dimension to cutting technology by making light work of cutting, trimming and scoring even the toughest of materials. Fast, accurate and clean, the machines can handle a wide range of heavy duty materials which would previously have required the use of a power saw.

Originally designed for accurate cutting of large sheets of board including Gator - foam® panels and other hardsurfaced foam sheets, the cutter is also suitable for materials with a high density such as polystyrene, foamed PVC or even acrylic and glass. Capable of cutting materials up to 30mm(1 3/16”) thick.

Dust free cutting
The cutting technology used completely eliminates the irritating dust and fumes produced by alternative cutting methods.

Advanced cutting technology
The single blade is used for soft easily cut substrates and the unique variable speed feature combined with the blade guide in the rear blade carriage enables the cutting of hard substrates.


HDBC specifications:

• Maximum cutting length: 320cm (126 inch)
• Maximum material thickness: 30mm
• Maximum cutting speed: 60cm/sec
• Machine height (upright position): 410cm
• Machine width (over rulers): 280cm
• Other options on request

Rigid Polystyrene, white 3 mm (1/8”)
Cardboard, 3 mm (1/8”)
Foamcore board, 19 mm (3/4”)
Rigid Foamed PVC (Forex®), 10 mm (3/8”)
Gatorfoam (Kapa-Bloc®), 19 mm (3/4”)
Dibond 4 mm (1/6”)

Scoring (optional tool)
Rigid Polystyrene, clear 4 mm (1/6”)
Acrylic, 4 mm (1/6”
Glass, 4 mm (1/6”)

CREST Contrail320 - Dibond scoring and cutting from Atech on Vimeo.