Finishing Powered Eyelet Machines Atech 40F Semi Automatic Eyeleter

Atech 40F Semi Automatic Eyeleter

Punches the material and sets the eyelet and washer in one stroke. A robust and simple machine for years of service. Suitable for PVC, Banner, Awnings, Tarpaulins, card etc.

Both the eyelet and washer need to be set by hand.

Able to set eyelets/grommets and washers of any type from 4 mm. to 17 mm. hole diameter with one change of tools per eyelet size.

Simple and fast tood changeovers.

Designed to increase productivity of low volume setting of eyelets/grommets and washers into most material including tetiles, tarpaulins, plastic, cardboard, PVC, etc.

Can be used to punch holes only if required.

Whilst the machine is able to handle many applications it is specifically ideal for the curtain industry.

Throat depth 14 cm.
Eyelet sizes
 4 - 17 mm**
Stroke 1 sg.
Sizes with bench
80x60x160 cm.*
Working air pressure
6 Kg.
Air consumption per cicle
1 L.
*(Width, Long, Height)   **(Hole diameter)