Finishing Powered Eyelet Machines Airpress Premium Chrome

Airpress Premium Chrome

Airpress Premium Mobile-Chrome
The automatic eyepress has a mobile desk for unlimited movability. The big storage container allows quick and easy processing of banners without loss of time.
Included are tools for plastic and chrome grommets which can be changed easily.

Activate the compression with a start button to pierce and create the hole and then place and close the grommet in one process so you get optimal results taking as little time and effort as possible.

A protection window around the tool reduces any risk of injury. An emergency stop is to hand and a CE-proved certifi cate exists. Please remember that a compressor is not included.
With the airpress premium mobile chrome you can handle a variety of PVC- banners from 400g to1000g. Due to the automatic feeding you only have to position the banner and push the button.