Finishing Elitron Elitron Kombo EL

Elitron Kombo EL

The Elitron Kombo EL is an entry level compact digital cutter for cutting and finishing digital printing, signage and display.

CNC cutting plotter with management software developed under Windows operating system. Working area 1700 x 1300 mm. Working area is equipped with a highly efficient 5.5 KW vacuum system divided into 6 sectors and automatically activated by digital control. The system is equipped with a tool cutting head to cut materials up to 120 mm thick with 50mm being standard and the increase to 120mm is an option.

Version a) 1 electric oscillating knife cutting tool module;  1 creasing tool module (with 4 creasing wheel tools);  1 laser pointer tool for sheet position reference; 1 marking tool, ink pen.


Version b) 1 milling tool module/electro-spindle module 60,000 rpm complete with software and automatic presetting device; 1 laser pointer tool for sheet position reference; 1 marking tool, ink pen.

The system comes complete with Elitron CAM1 Dialogo software user license developed under Windows OS, with specific functions to import all vector and graphic formats. It includes useful features to edit and optimize shapes.

Using the Seeker System, the unique patented system for the automated recognition of Elitron marks, quality and speed of production increase significantly

Projection System
Maximises the yield from your materials by projecting images onto the media beneath. The operator can then seee exactly how to plan the use of leftovers, half sheets etc. The material can then be used accordingly. For instance we know of an Elitron customer who uses left over PVC for interior van linings for a van hire company and can project the profile of each component of the lining onto the sheets, arrange them to suit and then cut them out without moving them from their arrangement. Simple and profitable

Seeker System
The Seeker System comes in two versions, Standard and Pro.

The Standard version is fitted to the all the Kombo Range and sees the reference points on the sheet, locates the reference points for the images but does not load the cutting profiles.

The Seeker Professional version (option) does this too but also looks at each image individually allowing for distortion caused by the overhead camera position then loads the profile and cutting information for each image. So with the Pro you could put, Forex, banner, Dibond all together on the bed and the images would be recognised, the correct cutting profile loaded, the correct tools chosen for each job and the Kombo would then proceed with the cutting.

One of the main features of the Kombo EL is the body of the machine, a solid steel structure and a strength that enhances the quality and speed of work. 

The work surface is made of a sturdy steel honeycomb, with 6 areas of concentrated vacuum with  automatic control, for better holding of the material.

                Kombo EL multi tool head