Finishing Elitron Elitron Heleva Auto loader

Elitron Heleva Auto loader

A hugely productive addition to your workflow. Loads single or up to 4 individual sheets, perfectly and accurately into your flat bed printer. Even different medias can be loaded using the printers job queue to operate the Heleva.

Available in two versions to load either 2.5m or 3.2m sheet formats in single or up to 4 individual boards.
Sheets from the pallet of material are automatically lifted onto the elevator which moves to the exact height of the printer bed. The material is then gripped and moved across onto the printers bed, positioned and the printing begins.

An optional roller conveyor means that a range of materials can be readies for use and the Heleva will move the correct media into position for loading according to the job queue.

   Direct from Pallet        Even multiple sheets      Intuitive controls

Not only single sheets but multiples can be perfectly positioned ready for printing. HELEVA also permits manual loading of sheets if required and the platform can be raised to the height of the printer to facilitate this.

The platform can also be completely raised overhead in order to allow operator intervention on the printer.

Your staff is needed only at the output side to remove the printed medias.

Elevator table               Mixed medias can be loaded onto the conveyor