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Matic Flexicut & Flexicut Plus

An accurate and high speed linear cutting system for perfectly straight edges in a huge range of materials, coated PVC, scrim. textiles, banners with choice of three cutting processes over 3.2 and 5m maximum cutting widths, custom sizes available by request.

                  Flexicut                                               Flexicut Plus

Flexicut & Flexicut Plus are “3 tools in 1" cutting machines.

• Different cutting technologies in order to achieve the highest quality result
• Up to three cutting technologies available on one machine in any combination
  • Ultrasonic: for textile fabrics, cutting and sealing the edge to avoid fraying
  • Crush Cut: for glass fibre coated with PVC in order to avoid fraying
  • Rotating knife: for polyester coated with PVC
Depending on configuration, they can cut up to 5 meters (wider by special order) and be equipped with multiple, easily interchangeable tools such as Ultrasonic, Crush Cut and/or Rotating Knife.

Their design, adaptability and simplicity of use make the FLEXICUT one of the most versatile machines on the market. The perfect cutting machines to work with fabrics such as PVC, screens, black-out acrylics, polyesters, vinyl, composites, carpets, etc.

. Automatic cutting machines for straight lines – easy and precise adjustment
. 3 in 1: 3 cutting technologies included in 1 machine: Ultrasonic – Crush Cut –
  Rotating knife
. Useable cutting from 3200 mm to 5000 mm (**)
. Variable cutting speed achieves an optimal result and allows the operator
  to control and adapt the cutting speed according to each textile
. Cuts PVC, screen fabrics, black-out, acrylics, polyester, coated fabrics, vinyls,
  composites, carpets, etc.
. Ideal for production of awnings,blinds, curtains, PVC, textile, banners, etc.
. Double press bar to avoid movement of the textile while cutting
. Sensor to detect the end of the fabric (avoids wear and saves time)
. Automatic return of the cutting head
. Automatic opening of the bars at the end of the cutting process
. Roll unwinding device – not motorised
. Motorized roll unwinding device (*)
. Textile lateral aligner: to align the textile with the cutting 0 point (*)
. Auxiliary table with manual stop bar and measuring tape for positioning,
  measuring and squaring the fabric on the table (*)
. Flexicut Plus auxilliary table has automatic stop bar controlled by touchscreen
. Automatic winding device to roll up the textile with or without tube (*)
. Size of auxiliary table (standard model): 3200 x 3500 mm (**)
. Working height: 900 mm(**)
. Light table to detect defects on fabric (*)
. Laser to line up fabrics – ideal for the Sign market (*)
. Flexicut can adapt to any existing table
. Designed to be operated by only one person – low skill operation
. Cutting system can be installed on your existing table

*     Optional
**   Other dimensions available on request