Fabric Technical Fabrics Matic Orion Moving Tray Sewing Station

Matic Orion Moving Tray Sewing Station

ORION - an industrial sewing unit for the awning industry.
The perfect solution for manufacturers who need high quality and fast performance for sewing awnings in acrylic, polyester, technical textiles, PVC, etc. The Matic Orion de-skills the sewing process contributing to productivity and flexible working practices.

The sewing can be started either from the sewing head or transport clamp for convenience


It gives highly accurate positioning of all sizes of fabrics even when cumbersome. Since the versatile ORION is equipped with a travelling tray it can be used in a wide range of industries.


• Orion is an automatic linear sewing machine with travelling tray
3 + 3 transport pneumatic clamps in front and back for continuous tension
Industrial sewing for acrylics, polyester, PVC and technical textiles
• Applications: overlaps, lateral hems,reinforcement, insert PVC or pergola core
• High production capacity with high sewing speed
• Straight and perfect seams
• Controlled by a PLC with digital display
• 3 working mode: automatic – semi automatic – manual
• 2 different positions to start sewing
• Accurate with high quality – easy to use for unskilled staff
• Latest generation Dürkopp Adler cl 867 sewing head with high capacity hook
• Automatic: thread cutter, foot lifter, back tacking (begin – intermediate– end)–
   lubrication, remaining bobbin-thread control
• Sensor to detect end of fabric with automatic return
• Needle cooling (option)
• Thread break sensor (option)
• Statistic records of sewing process (option)
• Customized guides for different operations
• Fast and easy to replace guides
• Illumination of the sewing area by LED
• Designed to be operated by only one person – low skill operator
• Complies with all the EC manufacture & safety rules
• Minimal maintenance