Fabric Technical Fabrics Matic M1 Ultimate

Matic M1 Ultimate

M1 Plus & Ultimate are the fastest and most precise cutting machines on the market.

The automation and working speed of the M1 Plus machine offers perfectly squared cuts as well as increased production capacity. Its design, construction and ease of use make the M1 Plus one of the best-selling machines on the market. Standard bed size 3160mm x 5900mm, other sizes can be made to order.

It is the perfect machine for cutting technical fabrics such as polyester screens, black-out materials, Zebra screen fabric, PVC, canvas, etc by using 2 integrated onboard cutting systems, ultrasonic for cutting and sealing plus a rotary knife for PVC, canvas and coated fabrics.

The technology, innovation and high-quality materials used in construction make the M1 Plus the perfect combination of efficiency, precision and reliability.

• X-Y press bars to prevent movement of the fabric during cutting
Integrates two cutting technologies, ultrasonic and rotary blade
Automatic feeding of fabric for a continuous process.
• Cut vertical and horizontal blinds from multiple stocks to reduce inventory
• Cut small pieces for sample book
• Built in light table for inspecting fabrics before cutting
Adjustable starting position to reduce fabric waste
• Touchscreen with specially developed software for easy and fast programming of
  the cutting order
• Software calculates the cuts and recognises the size of the finished product, hems,
  seams and width.
• Error diagnostics via remote maintenance.       

• Can be interfaced with Atlas Storage System for speed & productivity.
• Motor driven unrolling device to avoid tension on the fabric
• WLAN connection for sending orders via Network
• Light table to detect mistakes on fabrics
Rollup device to roll up your media as fast as possible to clear your cutting area for the next job