Fabric Technical Fabrics Matic M1 Cutting Table

Matic M1 Cutting Table

M1 along with the M1 Plus and now the new M1 Ultimate
are the most precise and fast cutting machines on the marke
The automation and working speed of the M1 offers perfectly squared cuts as well as increased production capacity.

Its design, construction and ease of use make the M1 range some of the best-selling machines on the market. It is perfect for cutting technical fabrics such as polyester screens, black-out material, Zebra screen fabric, PVC, canvas,etc.

The technology, innovation and high-quality materials used in construction make the M1 the perfect combination of efficiency, precision and reliability.

Available Features
. X/Y cutting table, no turning or handling of the fabric during the cutting process.
. Precise and perfectly square cuts
. High capacity production and ultra-quiet functionality that is easy to use
. Cuts several technical curtains of the same or different sizes in a single operation
. Pressurised rotary blade cutting system
. Press bar eliminates any movement of the textile during the cutting process
. Three cutting programs: vertical blind (longitudinal cut) windows and sample book
. Works directly from the fabric roll or with cut pieces
. High-resistance cutting surface which is selected according to the cutting tool.
. Make multiple cuts of technical materials, same or varying sizes, in one operation.
. Cuts PVC, screen fabrics, clear vinyl, Zebra shade fabrics, etc.
. Ideal for roller blinds, panels, vertical blinds, roman shades, samples
. Motorised unwinding device to automatically place the fabric on the cutting surface
. Crush cut and/or Ultrasonic linear cut installed on the table
. Pen marker system to draw lines is ideal for Roman shades
. Light box to detect flaws on fabric
. Simple functionality requires a single, unskilled operator.

M1 Pressurised Rotary Blade
M1 Plus; Pressurised Rotary blade or Ultrasonic
M1 Ultimate: Pressurised Rotary Blade and Ultrasonic

However on the M1 and M1 Plus a seperate Ultrasonic cutter for manual operation can be fitted to the end of the bed

Recommended: Atlas Horizontal Storage: M1 Only. Motorised, high-capacity, horizontal carousel to store fabrics beneath the table which includes a program for inventory control, length of rolls, as well as an intelligent search program (shortest route), all of which is controlled by the PLC or PC.(*)

For M1 Plus and Ultimate we recommend the Atlas Vertical Warehouse

• Computer to send the orders via network directly to the machine
• Light-table to detect mistakes in fabrics
• Marking system to draw lines for the next operation
Rollup device to roll up as fast as possible to clear your cutting area for the next job