Fabric Technical Fabrics Matic Hercules Moving Head Sewing Station

Matic Hercules Moving Head Sewing Station

Automatic unit with moveable sewing head for joining, hemming and inserting the PVC core, skilled operators are not required. Built to last and keep on producing in an industrial environment.
For textiles and acrylic or PVC coated fabrics.

           Big Enough?                            Twin Heads and fast

• Automatic tensioning of the fabric during the sewing process.
• Extra high capacity hook, 70% more capacity compared to usual hook.
• Control of the remaining thread on the bobbin.
• Photocell for detecting the end of fabric.
• Quick change pneumatic guides.
• Automatic backtacking at the beginning, end and intermediate points.
• Easy adjusting of the sewing speed by external potentiometer.
• Standard length of the equipment 6 m.
• Maximum length 20m by special order.
• Sewing by Dürkopp Adler Cl. 867 triple transport, with big arm clearance 335mm.
• Automatic lubrication, oil level controlled by LED.
• Automatic thread cutter, foot lifter, and back tack

Matic Hercules- Sewing Automation with Travelling Head from Atech on Vimeo.