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Matic Flat Hem Welder

The ARES FLAT HEM automatic welding machine uses electric impulse welding technology.

The ARES FLAT HEM automatic welding machine uses electric impulse welding technology with power delivering heat for only a few seconds after pressing the start button, saving electricity and helping your bottom line. A very efficient welder.


It is ideal for welding a multitude of fabrics: PVC, screens, acrylics, polyesters and others. Completely automatic and easy to use, the ARES FLAT HEM allows automation of flat hems up to 80mm, hems with pocket and bottom rails.

· Automatic impulse welding machine for flat hems, multiple pocket sizes and bottom rails
· Pocket size: up to 80 mm easy & precise adjustment
· Only 2.5 seconds to execute the hem cycle
· Welds up to 3.2 or 5 meters – in a single stroke
· Side openings to easily move the fabric and keep welding in multiple strokes
· Welds PVC, screen fabrics, clear PVC, black-out, etc.
· Welds acrylics, polyesters, coated fabrics and other textiles by adding the FixMatic
  thermal-welding tape
· Available model: 3.2 and 5 meters
· Ideal for welding the "Bottomrails" of vertical blind, roller blinds, awnings,banners, etc.
· Working mode: automatic or manual – easy to change even during the welding process
· Welding machine designed to work with only one operator
· Easy handling – low skill operator
· Power Regulator: ideal to weld sensitive fabrics
· Heating and cooling time control
· Temperature Control: constant production and stable welding quality (*)
· Turbo device: decreases the welding time & saves energy (*)
· Seamless technology: invisible welding patented by Matic (*)
· Automated pocket size (*)
· No tools needed to change the pocket size
· Colour touch screen: intuitive and easy to use PLC
· Saves up to 99 programs
· Welding widths: choice of 6, 10, 19 & 24 mm with extra easy change bars available.
· Front tray to work with large or heavy fabrics
· Lighting of the welding area

* Optional
** Precise measures are calculated with metric system