Fabric Technical Fabrics Matic Everest Curtain Mark & Cut

Matic Everest Curtain Mark & Cut

Vertical machine to check, measure, mark and cut the curtains height.
A programmable interface allows the operator to select the height, cut and many more parameters to get the exact cut required.


• Aluminium structure.
• Maintenance free.
• Four systems to hang the curtains (clamps,plumb, rod and magic tape) with switch on for each application.
• Stop position of the top bar adjustable for the height of each operator.
• Tensioning of the fabric once it is positioned to get the exact height.
• Marking of the bottom hem with invisible ink.
• Automatic detection of the end of the curtain.
• Possible to mark with no cutting or to cut with no marking.
• Chain to hold the cables positioned at the rear of the machine
  in order that the working area is free.

• Double folder bridge for low room height.
• Bar code reader.
• Ultra violet ink injector.
• Special measures, under request

Matic Everest from Atech on Vimeo.