Fabric Keder/ Edging Self Adhesive Recyclable

Self Adhesive Recyclable


The base of the Self-adhesive flat keder is the flat Premium SRK (Silicone Replacement Keder) This is a recyclable non-PVC, top end product, with the same elasticity as the silicone strip. This self-adhesive flat keder can easily be attached to the printed textile.


Material: Non-PVC
Dimensions: 12 x 3 mm and 14 x 3 mm.
Colour: Transparent Silicone look.
Packaging: Standard package of 50 metres rolled, in Pizzabox.

Roffelsen Plastics has a BUSS granulator. They also have their own recycling department, so they not only produce, they can also reuse materials themselves. The addition of various additives, and optimum mixing results in high-quality plastic.

Furthermore, the high quality of the plastics can be found in the recipe. Using fixed ingredients, each specific composition can be reproduced exactly.

Specific materials for specific purposes or industries are always in stock to ensure fast delivery.

Plastic waste is recycled as much as possible. If desired, the materials will be homogenised in the mixing silo, after which, direct processing on the granulate line is possible. Whether or not it is modified re-granulate, it will get an extra life as a new product, which means Roffelsen Plastics sustainably contributes to a better environment.