Fabric Graphics & Blinds Rollmatic Media Rewinder

Rollmatic Media Rewinder


The Rollmatic is a device for rolling up fabric quickly and accurately. It can either be stand alone or added to your existing cutting table. With just one operator required for heavy or large products and suitable for all fabrics, the Rollmatic allows you to roll fabric directly onto a cardboard roll.

Very simple to use and unbelievably useful and time saving. No need to laboriously rewind the rolls you've been working on, the Rollmatic does it all for you.


  • Possible to add to your existing cutting table or be stand alone
  • Just one operator required to rewind wide rolls
  • High speed rewinder for fabrics & banners 
  • Operator can select the direction of the rewind, image in or out.
Slide the media to 
             Press the footswitch and         Job Done, media rolled onto core
the Rollmatic                     the Rollmatic winds the media