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Matic Cronos Sewing Stations


Cronos & Cronos Plus Sewing Station

The single or twin needle Cronos sewing system is the solution to textile production bottlenecks offering a unique, simple, safe and efficient solution for all kinds of textile finishing by low or non skilled staff.

Banners, Flags, Display, even customised blinds and curtains, you can do it all.

Our Cronos users achieve high quality finishing of flat
seams on PVC/Silicone Keder, Velcro and hemming, with non-skilled operators in a small working area. The Cronos can be used as either single or twin needles and quickly changed from one to the other.
• Constant production and uniform quality without ruffling
Velcro Feeder
• Keder (silicone edging) feeder
• Flat seam of PVC/Silicone Keder, Velcro, hems, etc…
• Working mode: automatic, semi-automatic or manual
• Easy to use - the sewing becomes accessible to all users
• Automatic conveyor belt – forward and reverse
• Perfect with heavy or unwieldy fabrics

• Automatic finishing (Back taking, cut thread and rising press foot)
• Driven roller to help guide large fabrics
• Easy positioning of the textile even if its cumbersome
• Sewing synchronised with the conveyor belt
• Second pedal to move the belt forward or backward
• Guides for different operations
Fast and easy to change the guides
• Automatic free tension PVC/Silicone Keder guide
• Automatic Powered Silcone edging feeder /cutter
• Automatic Powered Velcro feeder /cutter
• Touch screen control panel - easy to use – Intuitive
• Tilt table to adapt the CRONOS with an auxiliary table
• Illumination of the sewing area by LED
• M² of the machine: 4 m²
• Minimum maintenance
• Ergonomic work station