Fabric Graphics & Blinds Matic Ares Plus Automatic Impulse Welder

Matic Ares Plus Automatic Impulse Welder


An Automatic impulse welding machine with folding system for finishing banners, roller shades, sun blinds and many more products. Invisible weld facility. A machine which can provide banner welding now plus textile welding later on when your business moves into that market.


Impulse welding heats the element only at the point of welding, this short duration "pulse" of power saves money by not keeping the welding bar warm when not being used and extends the life of the electrode.

This machine automatically folds the hem with the specially developed Matic folding system and the hem size is adjustable from 20mm-90mm.

Up to 6m welding in one stroke with easy media handling and a computer to store welding profiles for later use. Edge guides give precise control of the overlap. An invisible weld on the face with the seamless option is possible by adjusting the top and bottom heat settings to avoid a shiny finish on some materials.

The Ares has pneumatically controlled guides for accurate line up of the media; this saves time and eliminates operator faults compared to the usual manual guides.                              

It can weld up to 6m in one stroke or even larger by sliding the fabric through the sides. Its very easy to handle long lengths, you just put the fabric in place, select the program and push the start button.

Multi lay welding is possible to weld different medias together or non–coated textiles. The Ares has a changeable electrode system for flexibility with different welding widths and a safety sensor curtain which makes it extremely safe to use. It comes with accessories for dispensing welding reinforcement tape and magic tape.

Optional :-
  • Specially developed guides for welding keder or zips
  • Roll up device for fast rewinding of fabrics and banners. 
  • Seamless welding

Matic Ares Plus 2013 from Atech on Vimeo.