Fabric Graphics & Blinds Helios Plus Laser Cutter

Helios Plus Laser Cutter

The new Matic Helios Plus high speed laser cutter for fabrics, sun protection, blinds and more. Easy to use, scanner and high speed conveyor eliminates surface waves with 100% precision.


Take your fabric cutting to a whole new level with the productive and sophisticated Matic Helios Plus. If can cut a full roll of fabric with minimal operator intervention using scanning built into the bridge to guarantee perfect cuts every time.

The only options are an additional conveyor to pick up the cut pieces and a motorised rollup device.

Summary of Standard Features
  • Fully Automatic Laser Cutter - Seals the edge and eliminates fraying
  • Cutting width 3,3m or 5 m width
  • Cutting length : 3,3m
  • Cutting speed up to 1,5m/sec
  • Cutting accuracy +-0,1mm
  • Laser Power 120 Watt – Air-cooled (no maintenance)
  • Laser Power adjustable according to fabrics.
  • High Speed Conveyor Belt System – Advances the fabric, keeps it flat, eliminates waves on the surface
  • Scanning system – Speeds the set-up and increases production capacity
  • Up to 1m/sec. scanning speed
  • Scanning system integrated in the cutting bridge –This is the only way to get a 100% precise measurement and location of the print image.
  • Unwinding and Edge Control Unit – Tension free handling eliminates distortion and ensures a perfectly accurate cut
  • Unassisted Operation – After loading, cuts a full roll of fabric without involving an operator
  • Intelligent Software – Eliminates manual measuring and compensates for shrinkage created during the printing and calendaring process,
  • Versatile Scanning System – Scans and Cuts according to registration marks or by scanning the printed shape’s contour
  • Distance between Laser and lens is fixed. No flying mirrors therefore always perfect cutting quality.
  • Self- cleaning conveyor belt thanks to brushes.
  • Self- alignment during loading of new roll
  • Possible to use existing shaft from printer or calenderer to be more efficient
  • Clean and Safe Smoke Removal System – No smoke residue during the cutting process
  • Ideal For - Production of Soft Signage, Exhibits, Flags, Home decor, Apparel, Fashion, Architectural Design, Industrial Textiles
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Cost - No need of changing conveyor belt, knifes, etc.
  • Remote Maintenance for quick trouble shooting