Fabric Graphics & Blinds Ares Flat Hem Welder

Ares Flat Hem Welder

The ARES FLAT HEM is the fastest, variable-size pocket, impulse welding machine on the market.
The Ares Flat Hem is the only impulse welder that can automatically create pockets from 0-80 mm. It's single-operation design make it ideal for pocket welding multiple fabrics including PVC, screens, acrylic, polyester, vinyl and others. Completely automatic and easy to use, the Ares Flat Hem is the only machine that allow flat hem welding up to 5 meters in a single action.

Available in 3.2 and 5m models


Automatic impulse welding machine for flat hems, multiple pocket sizes and bottomrails
· Easy and precise adjustment of pocket size from 0-80 mm.
· Folding operation only takes 2.5 seconds .
· Available in 3.2 and 5m models for welding up to 5m in a single stroke.
· Open end design allows for movement of oversized materials for multiple welds.
· Welds PVC, screen fabrics, clear PVC, black-out, etc.
· Welds acrylics, polyesters, coated fabrics and other textiles with FixMatic termal welding tape
. Ideal for welding the "Bottomrails" of vertical blinds, flat hems for roller blinds, awnings, PVC banners, etc.
· Automatic or manual modes with the ability to interchange in the middle of an operation .
· Single-operator design.
· Power regulator is ideal for welding sensitive fabrics.
· Heating and cooling time control.
· Intuitive and easy to use color touch screen.
· 70 programs and 30 groups of programs
· Real-time status of process, alarms, etc.
· Front tray designed to work with large and / or heavy fabrics.
· Led lighting for the welding área.
· Minimal maintenance.
· Welding bar available in 6,10,19 and 24 mm thickness
· Complies with all EC safety rules for operator protection.
* Optional:
. Patented "Seamless" technology creates invisible welds.
. One-touch, electronic pocket size adjusment.
. Temperature control for consistent and stable welding quality.
. Turbo device decreases the welding time and saves energy