2nd User & Parts Used Finishing Machines Sallmetall 255 HDC

Sallmetall 255 HDC

2.55m Board Cutter. This cutting technology completely eliminates irritating dust, noise and fumes produced by alternative cutting methods. Make light work of cutting, trimming and scoring even the toughest materials.

Very similar in appearance to the Crest HDC as shown in the image.

Machine is fast,accurate, clean, silent

Can handle a wide range of heavy duty materials which would previously have required the use of a power saw. Thinner materials can be stacked to cut multiple items simultaneously. 

The machine is a high quality production machine with a fast pneumatic clamping bar and high cutting speed, driven by a powerful motor to reach a cycle time as fast as possible.

Rigid Polystyrene, 3 mm
Cardboard 3 mm
Foamcore board 19 mm
Rigid Foamed PVC 10 mm
Gatorfoam 19 mm
Rigid Polystyrene, 4 mm Scoring
Will score glass and Acrylic 4 with adapters (options)
£5,000.00 plus VAT or offers